There are a lot of laptops and workstations.
Not every computer has similar components and peripherals; hence, this makes one workstation suitable for one thing and another workstation suitable for something else.

For example, a computer that is dedicated chiefly to Microsoft Office has a requirement that differs from the one meant for Adobe Photoshop or gaming.

It is important to understand the future uses of a computer before buying its components.
There are a lot of companies today that produce laptops and workstations that are designed to function well for different types of task.

There are also plenty of vendors that do custom assembling of computers systems so that customers’ needs and specifications are met.
A computer that has been pre-assembled has some advantages such as:    


  1. The cost becoming cheaper
  2. Performing well
  3. Assembly time saved
  4. Less experienced users without special needs find it easier to use


Despite these advantages, pre-assembled computers fail to achieve the functioning level that is identified with personal computers that are custom built.

Custom Built Computers

This type of computers has advantages such as:


  1. The customer being able to choose special components that meet his needs
  2. It supports demanding applications like the AutoCAD, server applications, games and Photoshop


The disadvantage here is that it is usually more costly than the pre-assembled one and you would have to wait for a period of time for the completion of the assembling.

Individual components and parts of a computer can also be bought and built.
Whatever your decision might be you just need to ensure that whatever computer you end up with meets your needs.

When buying that PC you can look out for components like CPU, RAM, hard disk, the motherboard, power supply, case and graphics card.